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About Me


Before design, I danced. In truth, dance brought me to 5 continents, 35 nations, and 100’s of cities. I performed for the Queens of the Netherlands and England, at the Cannes and Fringe Festivals, on Broadway and (oddly) at Steve Wynn’s wedding. I was one of 8 dancers working with sculptor Jean-Michel Othoniel to unveil the first permanently installed fountain at the Palace of Versailles. And I have had the honor of collaborating with and meeting Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Christopher Wool, Frank Stella, Maurice Sendak, Norma Kamali, the Rodarte Sisters and Richard Avedon. This experience transpired while proudly working with Twyla Tharp and Benjamin Millepied. 

Dance is the reason why I am the man and designer I've become.

Spatial exploration is the medium through which I have interpreted the world learning precision, quick and creative thinking, professionalism, self-worth, health and humility, while developing a psychotic stamina to endure sweat, pain, struggle, setbacks and failure. 

But the body is a non-renewable resource. Answering how to dance when my body had had enough led me to product design. Designing the body in space has led to the design of space around the body. To understand my ultimate goal, know this:

When dancing, I hear the sonorous music, feel the twitch of every muscle, see the explosion of brightly colored lights, smell the musk of the costumes, taste the salt in my sweat; and share an intimate polysensory moment with a unique crowd of people. In this moment I feel truly alive, oblivious to the past and unconcerned with the future.

In this moment where time stops, I am simply me. 

If I am allowed just one influence to my design, it is a need to find a way to enable as many people as possible to experience this moment of pure humility and awe at the miracle we call living.

Charlie Neshyba Hodges Resume