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While a student at ArtCenter College of Design, I was invited to speak at a TEDx event on the shared topic of "Failure." I used the opportunity to put into practice my recently acquired design skills, crafting a story that was visual and dynamic. 

In order to speak honestly and with any degree of authority on the matter, I needed to discuss what was most familiar. Thus, the talk is centered around my dance career. The challenge was to share this personal story in a manner that had a universal sensitivity - I wanted anyone listening to take something of value. 


Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 4.08.57 PM.jpg


I read several books and articles about "failure" in order to understand what has already been said in order to offer a valuable and personal point of view on the topic. 

On over 200 hundred index cards, I wrote every idea that came to mind. With these cards, it was very easy to shuffle around the content until I landed on an order that made the most sense. 

Once the content and sequence were set, I began a free-write, connecting the ideas together, without concern for length. Afterwards, I edited it down to fit within a 20 minute speaking block (17 min target gave a window for error). 

Lastly, I recorded myself, and listened to it every day, as if Beyoncé had just dropped a new album. If I can sing a 60-minute album, I can certainly memorize a 17 minute speech!

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